Youthdale Exhibition: Toronto

Five works of mine are being exhibited and are on sale at the Metro Hall Rotunda in downtown Toronto (55 John St.) 50% of the proceeds are going to a great foundation, the Youthdale Child and Adolescent Sleep Centre, who among other things conduct research on sleep disorders like Sleep Apnea and links between sleep and depression.
The exhibition is fantastic – displaying works by a wide range of Canadian artists, some of whom are internationally renown – so if you’re in Toronto these next few days and want to stop by and browse, check it out!! Alternatively, if you know of any art collectors/buyers/potential donators, do let them know.
The event is running until this Saturday, Dec. 8th!!

Here are 4 of my pieces at the event. The top left one has sold so far – the 5th one not shown here is “Woman from Orion”, which can be found in my first post.

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